Can't edit trigger time of day on web page

As seen below I cannot edit the trigger time for an existing meshbot to fire daily on the web page but I can edit from the iOS Vera client. Not sure why that is.

Hello @curiousB,

We suggest using Meshbots since it’s a more powerful tool with more and better capabilities. Meshbots and scenes on the Vera mobile app don’t share the exact same structure, therefore you may encounter differences like this one. We expect these differences to be addressed with the Mios app when it is officially released.

In this case, if you need to edit the logic through the website, you just need to select the node again in order to get the specific date/time option to be displayed.


I created all my Meshbots via the web interface. I might have edited/modified them along the way in the iOS app.

I agree it is a better interface for managing those.

If there are compatibility issues between the iOS scene editing and Meshbots via why do you allow editing (of the same scene/meshbot) from both places?!?!!! Just don’t show them in the iOS app, or just the title but no viewing or editing capabilities.

This ambiguous treatment is at the root of some of your instability complaints and customer angst. An unforced error if you will. You have to start collapsing some of these rabbit holes if you want to get widespread adoption and deployment. Just my 2 cents.


You are right. And we are aware there are inconsistencies between the mobile and web interface. We were developing the web side faster than the mobile and went a bit out of sync. But we have it in the development roadmap, and there will be more to come on mobile as well.

For now you can use the “Custom time” or “weekly” node to achieve same result. “Once” node does not operate daily. It only runs once in all times.