Can't download firmware restoration util

Hello guy’s,

The link to the firmware restration utility
doesn’t work (anymore).

Could we please have this fixed - I need this tool as my Vera has gone fly high :frowning:



That utility is working only for Vera 1 (S/N above 10.000). Also, you need to have only one network card (wired) and Windows XP (which has the tftp command built-in). Another requirement is that you disable firewalls and antivirus during this procedure.

That’s all very nice, but little help :cry:

The link doesn’t work = you cannot download the utility

If you click on the link you’ll get a HTTP 403 forbidden.


Got the same problem this morning. You can use asus utility, it is the same. Download from link below

After upgrade the IP address of the box will change to “”. Manual set your ip address to the same subnet and connect at LAN1 port.


We fixed that file also. You can download now.

We’re really sorry for the discomfort created.

Just curious, what are you guys planning to offer to those who don’t have XP anymore? It’s dead OS now.
Assuming it’s plain tftp wrapper you could test one of the available clients and post instructions how to re-flash Vera 1 without using that utility.


I’m glad you asked. With the UI4, we won’t be re-writing the entire OpenWRT’s firmware anymore. Instead, we will be upgrading only the MiOS files and this won’t require the use of a firmware flash utility anymore.

But for those who believe that the tftp path is a simple one, there are instructions here: for Mac. For a Windows PC, the instructions are the same, you just need a tftp client for Windows ( ).