Can't distinguish plugins

I just now uploaded a new version of my plugin while failing in increment the version number. Now my plugin has two entries and I can’t tell which is which. Except, I suppose, by downloading one and inspecting one of the changed files to see if its the old or new version. And hoping they’re provided in a stable order. The “info” doesn’t provide any history. The install counts match.

Please do something to make different uploads of a file distinct even if its just adding your own revision counter or an upload timestamp.

Please distinguish which version of a plugin is actually installed, for example by tracking secure checksums for the deployed packages.

Ultimately, I relied on tar -tzvf to check the timestamps on files.

First, I tried Windows 10’s certutil -hashfile. But found the hash of the file uploaded and the file I downloaded didn’t match. And just repeated that test after uploading a new file with an incremented version number. I really would have expected to .tar.gz file to have been stored unchanged after whatever checking you do, and to survive a round trip intact.

Following these shenanigans, I was unable to uninstall my plugin (either the old or new version and, of course, both were simultaneously credited with being installed on my development device) with no errors displayed on the browser screen, and no evident from Ezlo device logs of any messages being received on the device, until I did a force-reload of the web page.

Hi @Lee ,

We will take some time to investigate this issue.
Also, we will make sure to take into account your suggestions about the plugin versions.

I’ll send you a PM asking for some information.