Can't dim with wallswitch

I recently changed my aeon labs micro smart energy dimmer to work with a pulse switch.
But now i can’t dim with the wall switch. It’s suppose to dim when i keep wall switch pressed.
But nothing happens.
And when i release it, it just toggles the light, as it should. But no dimming at all

Did you change the micro switch’s mode? Quoted from the manual.

[b]Change Mode on the External Switch/Button Control[/b]

[ul][li]The Aeotec Micro Smart Energy Illuminator G2 is set to be controlled via 2-state(flip/flop) external wall switch by default. Pushing and holding the button 6 seconds on the Micro Smart Energy Illuminator G2 will swap between this default mode and the momentary push button external wall switch mode.[/li]
[li]Through the usage of Z-Wave command built into Z-Wave certified controllers and gateways. (The specific Z-Wave command supporting this funtion is Configuration Command Class) Please consult the operation manual for these controllers for specific instructions on changing external wall switch mode of the Aeotec Micro Smart Energy Illuminator G2.[/li][/ul]

yes i did change that, but i still can’t get it to dim by pressing and holding the wallswitch

Weird maybe try pressing the button on dimmer unit for 6 seconds again then repeat. I can confirm mine works. Micro illuminator G2 Aeotec Australian Z-wave.