Can't detect devie - HELP!!

I set up a small z-wave network for my father using a Vera Lite. He has a few receptacles and appliance modules with a couple of scenes controlling them. He called me this morning to tell me that the lights came on last night, but never went off and he couldn’t get them to turn off through the app either.

I logged in to his account to find every single device was red with “Can’t detect device.” I had him unplug to reboot, same thing. I then came to his house to check it out. I couldn’t get it to recognize any device, so I reset the Vera. I excluded and then included a few devices again. The devices showed up in the Vera, but again says it can’t detect it.

I then went into the z-wave setting and reset the z-wave. Excluded and included the devices again and they still can’t be detected.

Any ideas as to what is going on?

Sounds like a failure to Z-Wave communicate !

I would call support.

That’s what I’m afraid of and didn’t want to hear, especially after my Vera lite just bit the dust as well.

I did move an appliance module to be right next to the box (was maybe about 30 feet away) and it worked fine. When I moved it back to it’s original spot where it has been and operating fine for well over a year it stops communicating again. I guess maybe something happened that crapped out the z-wave antenna which is affecting the range? Is that even possible?