Can't Detect Device

I am aware that there is a lot of discussion regarding the “Can’t detect Device” problem that surfaces when migrating from Vera Lite to Vera Plus. What is not clear to me is if there has been a permanent solution. I have 6 devices with this error and all but one are battery operated sensors (motion & window). I am working with Tech Support (yeah, I know), and they have me unpair and enroll the device - the device is found and the error goes away but before I am even done with the last one, the first one has already dropped out. I have done this at least 6 or 7 time with identical results. Can any please tell me how to fix this problem? :-[

As far as I know no resolution. I have 2 door sensors and “can’t be detected” comes up all the time although the devices work just fine. No errors at this moment but in a couple of hours, one or both could be “can’t detect device”.

Resurrecting this “Can’t Detect Device” thread.

How do you “clear” a “Can’t Detect Device” when it clearly is functional? I have a motion sensor that says that a lot so I brought it inside the house today and added fresh batteries. Hours later, it STILL says “Can’t Detect Device”. But when it is armed and I walk past it, a notification is sent out. SO if it is functional, why is the error message still there? (VeraSecure firmware version 1.7.3502)

This has been debated and discussed for years. In my case, I just ignored it since everything is working.

But since I updated to firmware 7.25 about a week ago, I have not had the error so maybe Vera has fixed it.