Can't Detect Device

In the dashboard (and the device details) my hub is not detected. with the error: “Can’t Detect Device.”

In the app details it says:
“App id:8131
Current Version:0.20
Latest Version0.20” (yes it’s missing a :slight_smile:

In the setup of the device it says it’s “Ready” and “Version:0.21.rc7 Wink”
Set to remote and notifications.

In the summary it says “HUB: 162672 : Hub-01 (REMOTE - AAU Capable)”

Do I need to change something?

Hi, I’m having the same issue. Same version, same Can’t detect device error. This is with a Vera Edge on UI7 (the current released version). My hub is rooted, but is also running 2.49. I do see devices in Vera from the Wink hub and do seem to be able to control them, but the Cant Detect Device error come up on the wink hub.

The other issue I’m seeing is the ecobee thermostat sensors aren’t showing up. I set the sensors as vera devices to yes, but it didnt change anything. The Ring doorbell motion shows up as a sensor, but not the Ecobees themselves or their remote sensors (I have two Ecobees with 5 or so sensors each).

I’ve reloaded the LuuP and skimmed the logs and don’t see anything standing out.

I’ve uploaded the log of a restart here:

Yes, I guess I forgot to mention mine is ui7 but mine is not rooted. I can also control connected devices through vera and the winkapp, ui7 just says that it “can’t detect device.”

I have been unable to duplicate this on any of my development systems… So I would need to see a debug log from an affected system…

As a quick fix, you can go to Apps/Develop Apps/Test Luup Code, and enter the following:

return true

Replace the with the Vera device number for the affected device,and click on “Go”… This should clear the error…

That is not unexpected… As you are the first person to mention that you have an Ecobee with sensors, the plugin will only know about the main thermostat device.

If you turn on DEBUG mode (in the Wink Connect device), and post the log, I should be able to add support…