Can't delete/remove a Virtual Device that was manually created. Please Help!!!!

I created a weather device in the MIOS developer section. I accidentally put " " around the device filename for the UpnpDevFilename field and this created a bad virtual device that I need to delete. When I click on the wrench on the device itself no dialog box comes up all with the trash can option. Does anyone no another way to get rid of the bad device? Could I do this with the Putty software and delete the device from the device config file or something. Any ideas?


Ok, I figured out a work around =) Just in case this happens to someone else, here is how to delete a dead virtual device that won’t respond to the wrench icon. Find out what the dead virtual device ID number is by associating the bad virtual device label in the advanced tab as a parent to another good device then unassociate it once you have the parent ID# =). Then create another valid virtual device or use a device you don’t care about that’s valid, click the wrench, under the advanced tab change the ID# to the dead virtual device ID number and it will pull it out of the device section assigning the dead device to the good device. Now click the wrench and remove it =) What a pain in the butt, but it worked!!!



I try to delete a ghost device but it didn’t work I have now 2 ghost devices.
How can I delete these 2 ghost devices ?

Maybe this helps:,9720.msg65359.html#msg65359

Thank you for your answer Chixxi but today the ghost device have disapear.
I have open a MCV Ticket yesterday perapse they do something.

lol, that’s exactly what happend in the other thread (link I posted above) ;D

@mcv: if you fixed that, let us know how!