Can't delete "Dimmable Light"

I’m sorry if I’m putting this in the wrong forum. I wasn’t sure where it was supposed to be posted.

I recently removed a bunch of GE lamp modules from my system. Clearly I did not do it the right way :slight_smile: I unplugged my Vera Lite and took it around to the modules one by one, and thought that since I’d pressed the “-” button on it, when I pressed the button on the modules and it blinked like it did in the “+” mode, that meant they were removed.

Well, now I keep getting them back. I see them in Vera Mobile, but they’ve lost their names. They just all show as “Dimmable Light,” and in my control panel they show as “_Dimmable Light.” I keep deleting them and they keep coming back, even though none of them are plugged in…

What did I do wrong and how do I fix it?

From the documentation at

Did you do the 5 second hold of the - button to save your exclusions as described below?

Excluding Zwave devices from the Vera system’s network:

Disconnect all of the Vera’s cables so you can carry your Vera system around to the Zwave devices you want to include or exclude, like light switches, door locks, sensors and so on.
Connect 4 AA batteries to the Vera system and press the “battery” button to power Vera.
Wait up to 60 seconds for the “Ready” light on the Vera system to light up solid.
To exclude devices: Tap the Vera system’s “-” button. The “Ready” light will blink rapidly, 4 times per second, to indicate the Vera system is in exclude mode.
Carry the Vera system around to all the devices you want to include or exclude and press each device’s activate button. When the Vera system has successfully included or excluded a device the “Ready” light will flutter for 2 seconds as confirmation.
Note: You can switch between include and exclude mode. If, while in include mode, you tap the “-” , the"Ready" light will blink fast to indicate you are now in exclude mode. If, while in exclude mode, you tap the “+” button, the “Ready” light will blink slowly to indicate you are now in include mode.

If you’re in exclude mode and want to save your changes, press and hold the “-” button for 5 seconds to exit include mode.

Damn. I didn’t do that. I’ll have to plug those in one by one and re-exclude them. Ugh.

Oh well, thanks for your help!