Can't connect to my VeraLite through the Control webpage


This used to work fine (go to Vera web site, control, and remote connect to the VeraLite), but I did not actually try that in a long time (maybe 1 year ?)

This was not working yesterday, so I rebooted my router and the Vera, I’m trying again today and still no luck (remains stuck at “checking credentials”, without any error message).

Am I missing something ? I don’t remember having to setup some port forwarding on my router (which is actually my internet box), maybe this is needed now ?


I should have added that I can connect to it on my local network without problem, and from there connect to my account, so it’s not a problem of wrong name or password.

Maybe a version problem ? Since I have no problem with my current setup, I did not update the Veralite since I got it …

EDIT : nope … " You are running the latest version: 1.5.622 ."



Eh, that seems to work, thanks :slight_smile:

I suppose this means the “control” link on is not compatible anymore with the Veralite, or something like that ?

I probably missed something, but why is this not clearly indicated, with a link for those on my case ?


Yes, the control link is for new/current Vera versions. UI5 is all but dead to Vera Ltd. In fairness, UI5 was originally managed through and that hos not changed. UI5 Veras continue to work, just as they had through

I can’t answer your questions about the inner workings of Vera Ltd. and their policy decisions.