Can't connect to my URC (MiOS) gateway with my MiOS desktop interface

I’m using a URC branded gateway with a MiOS interface for my home lighting system. Been using it for just fine for 12-years, utilizing my desktop computer and my home network. My system has been quite stable that entire time, however a couple times a year I may find I have a switch (always a slave switch) that loses its connectivity, and needs to be excluded/included again. Sometimes the 3-way settings also need to be renewed, but not always. An irritation, but not a big issue for me, as my previous system was an extremely buggy X-10.
My latest issue is that I can sign in to my MiOS interface and have it “connect” to the TRF-ZW2 gateway (“Connection OK” message). However, when I click on the subsequent “CONNECT” button it gets stuck in a loop, attempting to read the gateway. I’ve tried different browsers, with no change. I’ve tried a different computer, with no change. I’ve hooked a laptop directly to the gateway, with no change.
My network is running on a TP-Link router, both wireless and wired. My desktop to gateway connection is wired through a switch, and has always worked. I have been using this network exactly as it is now, for over a year, and as recently as 6-months ago was able to access my lighting gateway.
Anybody have any ideas about what might be my issue?
If a “bad” gateway is suspected, is there a plug and play replacement for this gateway?

Hello @gaweichert,

Thank you for contacting us.

Try the connection again using the Firefox web browser, please.

Yes, it worked with Firefox where Chrome, Edge, and DuckDuckGo all failed. Hmmm…

Thank you for your help! When it comes time for me to upgrade my system EZLO is at the top of my list!!!

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