Can't connect to Elk

I am a newbie, I love my Elk M1 Gold and my Vera, I want to use the Elk to trigger a scene that turns off the lights when we set the alarm. I called my alarm guy who confirmed I have the M1XEP interface, he said I should be able to install the plugin using the IP address Port 2601. I successfully installed the plugin and I followed the instructions putting the IP address as Then I saved and restarted the Lua engine, it says “Elk Alarm Panel : starting up…”
but then I get the following error “Elk Alarm Panel.Can’t Detect Device”. After reading the forum, I believed that the interface needed to be re-started, I had my alarm guy log in and restart it. That did not work. Any ideas?

BTW… I don’t know if this will make any sense but I do not have the software (except on my phone) to program the Elk. That is the reason why I use my alarm guy. Not sure if this is a software package I have to buy or what. I bought my home with the Elk already installed.

ElkRP2 software for your PC is free and available at Elk. That is the only way to effectively program the ELK.

Set up a phantom output in the ELK. Write a rule to control this output. In Vera use a virtual switch that will turn on when this output is tripped in the ELK. Then use PLEG or create a scene to trigger when this virtual switch is tripped.

I have a Mac, will the software work with Mac?

Nope. I have a Mac also. I installed Windows in VirtualBox and run ElkRP in there.

Port 2601 is by default the encrypted port and the plugin does not support encryption.

If in your case 2601 is encrypted then you will need to open the non-encrypted port which by default is 2101 on the M1XEP. This is done by using the ElkRP software mention earlier in the thread.

There is a fairly good guide on the Elk M1 XEP etc. setup here: -

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