Can't connect remotely with ???

I have saved this url for connecting to Vera but today it doesn’t work.
I started snooping around on the internet and say a link for the vera login which eventually allowed me to log in.
When I browse to:
I get the micasaverde background but just a little window that opens and says “loading data”, then just hangs there.
Has the login Url changed? If so, what is it?

[url=][/url] is correct
edit: it seems you need to login and then press connect button next to your vera that shows up

@aecchalet - Although that URL usually works, you should probably try and see if it works better for you.

Both routes appear to be working for me right now (cp.mios and cpui5.mios).

@aecchalet please see,17282.msg133747.html#msg133747 for additional info. Also bug ID 0003373 was assigned. Tech support was able to remotely access my unit and resolve issue.