Can't configure Aeon 4-in-1 with Vera Plus

I’m stuck. I’ve followed the directions, read the posts I can find (most of which are for older versions of Vera), etc. and I still have a sensor that takes 4-5 tries to properly add, and then is stuck forever to be configured at the next wakeup. I’d appreciate any advice, including a existing link to a thread on the topic if I missed one. As I said, all the ones I saw seem to be for older products.

Also, guys, do you really have so much spam you need a 4-step anti-robot verification!?

Yes, we do have that much spam. Some still gets through even with that process.

Try moving the sensor closer to your controller. There is a lot of data being transfered. Also watch the UI. If it looks like it is getting hung up, the sensor may have gone to sleep and you should tap the Z-Wave button to wake it up.