Can't Change Room on Device??

I have an HSM100 3-in-1 Sensor. It won’t let me change the room it is in. When I go to click on the room the pulldown does not show up. It is the same whether or click on the HSM or one of the three sensors in Vera. Other devices (and my other HSM100’s) all are working correctly and let me change the room.

Any ideas?

Thanks! ;D

Hi –

Can you provide what version of the firmware you’re using? and the various items you have installed? Thanks

I’m using UI4 and I have GE wall switches, GE lamp modules, 1 network camera, and a some outlets.

Please click on the “Advance” icon and then the “firmware” tab. Tell us what the firmware version is.

  • Garrett

Sorry I missed that;

“You are running the latest version: 1.1.1047”

Hmm. Figured it out :slight_smile: it DID work when I went into advanced settings of the device. I didn’t think about trying that before. weird, but its in the right room now :slight_smile: