cannpot change scenes on vera edge

The last weeks it seems that I cant save changes to my scenes. Or add new scenes.
Everything seems fine and new scenes are deisplayed in the gui, for a few moments
, but when reloading the page they disapear.
Could the disk be full?
What should I do, any ideas?

Although it’s possible that you are out of disk space, it sounds like you have a corrupted user_data.json file. It’s possible to SSH into Vera and replace this file with a backup, there are many how-to threads on the forum.

However, based on this being your first post on the forum, I’m assuming that you are new to working with Vera’s innards and I’d suggest that you instead contact technical support. By phone is quickest.

I can?t even press the REMOTE button under Tech support to get the code needed for ssh …

Today I bought a USB memory to transfer the logs … but after formatting the usb and restarting it doesn?t remember there was any usb to start with, it’s an evil loop …

I can see the logs been updated when viewing it over http so maybe the disk isnt’t full like you said.

I’ve sent a message to tech support today, hopefully they will come up with something.