Cannot View ZWave Association details

Just setup up ZWave association across a pair of ZEN77 dimmers. Was quite easy and straight forward with the nice interface in … ezlogic .mios. com /#/ezlo/device-associations

I did notice after you create the association you cannot view the details anymore. That would seem an oversight. I am sure folks will want to review how they set up existing associations. I am sure not too difficult to expose these in the existing association listings.

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I assumed you refreshed the browser and then checked if the current associates were there and showing?

EDIT: I see what you mean, this is an existing association


So you would like to see more information and details about those existing associations right ? Like what Association Group and Target Channel was used etc. That is a good idea !

Yes. Once you set the association you cannot review the settings you entered to create it. You can delete it and reenter but would seem to be helpful to just show the source channel, source group, and target channel for completeness. I suspect a simple fix, not urgent, just put it on someones todo list.

OK I created a feature request ticket for this then as its a good idea.