Cannot open and read entries in 'My Alerts'

In UI5, when I go to the ‘My Alerts’ section I cannot open any of the entries in the list. When I click on the envelope icon I get a message stating ‘Unable to retrieve data, please try again later. If the situation persists, please check your internet settings’. When I try to click on the lock or delete icon I get the same error.

My internet connection is fine so I guess this cannot be the problem. Does someone know what the problem may be?


This morning I have discovered the same problem and unfortunately I don’t find an answer with solution for this in your topic.

If you have solved this problem in the mean time, maybe you want to share it here?



Same problem here. I can view my notifications but not the alerts. I’m not sure for how long this has been the case as it was a while back I last checked them.