Cannot Group during TTS


I’ve been trying to figure this out for weeks but cannot find a solution. Recently, my sonos TTS stopped working when setting GroupZones to ALL. Below is the code, any ideas?

local AV_DEV = 203

local LS_SID = “urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:Sonos1”
Date =‘Good-Evening, the-time-is-now-%I:%M,%p. Here-is-your-evening-forecast-for %A,%B %d.’)

local TEMP_SID = “urn:upnp-org:serviceId:TemperatureSensor1”
local CurrentTemp = luup.variable_get(TEMP_SID,“CurrentTemperature”, 145)
local HighTemp = luup.variable_get(TEMP_SID,“CurrentTemperature”, 147)
local LowTemp = luup.variable_get(TEMP_SID,“CurrentTemperature”, 146)

local TEMP_SID = “urn:upnp-micasaverde-com:serviceId:Weather1”
local CondTemp = luup.variable_get(TEMP_SID,“Condition”, 144)

luup.call_action(LS_SID, “Say”, {Text = string.format(“%s. Outdoor-conditions-are %s, and-the-temperature-is-currently, %s degrees. The-high-temperature-today-was- %s, expect-lows-nearing %s.”, Date, CondTemp, CurrentTemp, HighTemp, LowTemp), GroupZones= “ALL”, Volume=25, SameVolumeForAll=“true”}, AV_DEV)

Does TTS work for all zones works when you use the UI (TTS tab) with “Hello world” ?

If you have a Playbar or paired Sonos devices, I am not sure that ALL will not have unexpected behavior.

No, it does not work when I use the TTS function and select all zones. The devices just play, then revert back. The soundbar is the only component not grouping. Any ideas? This worked before I upgrade to the latest version.

Latest version of what ?

As previouysly said, I have no personal experience with Sonos Playbar. The plugin could be not compatible with this equipment.