Cannot get Vera via MIOS

I try to connect to my vera via MIOS and it fails.
First I had an error message saying:

  • Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 109
    Then I simply got a page with
  • “No access”
    Now I get the page starting with
  • I didn’t detect a unit on your home network.

Anyone a hint what happened? Is that a problem at the forwarding servers or is my vera at home gone?

The error is constantly changing. It seems someone is tinkering with If it is someone from micasaverde, could you please get a test unit to try out stuff? If it is someone else, could you guys from micasaverde please stop him?

I’m having the same problem.


see the post by micaraverde. they are having server issues from an upgrade.

Good to know… found the post here. It would be useful if something to that effect appeared instead of this:

Screen shot

My first response was to reboot Vera. I’ve been seeing this intermittently since yesterday? Maybe before that? iVera still works, though.

My iVera is NOT working to my primary Vera. It works locally but remotely I get invalid user/pass.

When logging into, I get schizophrenic results. I have two veras and sometimes see one or the other, but never both. It seems like MCV added new servers, and they’re not sharing data between them correctly.

Edit read MCV’s other post - database replication problems makes perfect sense.

Getting same thing…started yesterday. For a remote computer, I get “cannot get a unit on home network”. I’m 100 miltes away and on a different provider even.

Please at leat post an acknwledgement of this problem. I bought a Schlage bridge just as a whim, but maybe it is time to go with a company that know what it is putting on the market, fee or not. A $200 unit that does not work is not a deal.

See this post: