Cannot get Philio 3-in-1 (PST02-B) to work in UI7


I’m hoping one of the gurus here could help me out with getting my sensor to work…I’m all out of ideas.

Basically, I cannot get the motion detector to go off (tried creating a notification for motion start and motion stop even if unarmed) and temperatures will only be transmitted once per day or so - or when I trigger the tamper button. Any settings I try to add doesn’t seem to do anything.

Which is why I think the xml is wrong - it’s using the xml for generic io, and I think this might be messing with the initialization. I’m using the latest UI7 firmware, by the way. I’ve also tried to “turn it on”, arm the motion detector, etc etc. Nothing really changes.

Attached are a couple of pictures of what I see - both the advanced page for the main unit and the devices I get in Vera. From what I understand I should see something like this:


I have exactly the same problem with a Philio PST02-1C devices. (3 in 1 door sensor without PIR).
The temperature and light works fine (need to trigger the tamper switch to wake device so new values are send), but I can’t get the door sensor to work.
In test mode (tamper switch off) the devices lights up when the door sensor is activated. So the device seems to work fine. But no activity on my Vera Edge (running latest firmware).

The Vera XML shows:

The device is seen as a generic IO device and includes a temperature sensor, light sensor and sensor.

The sensor contains a zwave plus chip, so it should be compatible with the Vera Edge.

I have the same problem, I think it could be the XML but I new in Vera…

Hi Guys,

I have the same issue with the sensor not sending a notification when tripping (either door open, or PIR) when the tamper switch is depressed.

Any more news on this issue?

I have been in contact with Vera support and they proposed the following procedure which seems to be working.

  1. Connect to the Vera?s web interface
  2. Then go to Devices> click on right arrow in front of the Generic Z-wave device
  3. Go to Advance and change these variables:
    3.1 Device Type: urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:DoorSensor:1
    3.2 Device File: D_DoorSensor1.xml
    3.3 Device Json: D_DoorSensor1.json
    3.4 Category_Num and Subcategory_Num: 4 and 1

After you made those changes you?ll have to go to New Service (you?ll see it on the top of the page) and click on “Reload Engine”. Doing this you?ll have a z-wave device for door/window sensor.
Then in order to have motion detection you?ll have to go one more time on the device settings (Door/Window sensor), then go to “Device option” and add parameter 7, data size 1 byte dec and desired value: 22 and save the changes.
When you do this you?ll have to wake up the device in order to have the configuration set up.

Hello Vera Friends, i hope some budy can help my pleas.

i buy 3 philio PST 02 A and B but from no one i get no Notifications

I try 3 times the tip in the Last post but no Reaction of Motion or Door Movings… I try with Alarms, Notifications, and Scenes but no Reaction.

I hope you can Help me?

Think it’s all about parameter 7. I’m on Vera Plus and was not able to get it working correctly until i set it to 54 (using sensor binary report and disabling multi CC)
For some reason vera set it to 22 on first config but that wasn’t working. Now it works great.

THANK you Allot, after i change it from 22 to 54 my Philio PST02-B Working Now :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D 8) ::slight_smile: :-* :smiley:

Yes that did it change variable 7 to 54, working well now. Thanks.

I have 3 of these. 2 of them work 100% perfectly; 1 of them works perfectly except I also have the “motion sensor won’t trip if the tamper switch is depressed” issue. Here are my notes I logged on how to get the light & temp to ping:

3-in-1 door/temp/light sensors:
Go to device options, create a new configuration setting (just for the device itself, not the “light” device or “temp” device)
Variable 6, 1 byte dec, 64 (this will make the temp report if there is a 3 degree change)
Variable 12, 1 byte dec, 1 (this will report the light every 30 minutes)
Variable 13, 1 byte dec, 1 (this will report the temp every 30 minutes)

hello everybody

just have my veraedge with this sensor… but i experience many difficulties and im quite new in this domain…

the sensor is ok on the dashboard, i created a scene, but the move sensor doesn’t detect any move or only very close moves…

on configuration menu, in fact, i don’t have one;… just N/A without parameter…

can somebody help me to configure it?

Sorry to drag this old post up again. I have just got one of these sensors ( PST02 B ) and i can not get ot to work.

I have gone through everything in this post including changing the sensor type to a Window Sensor but no matter what i change i can not get the device options page to allow me to enter any settings.

All i get on the device option page is - NA

I have also tried changing DIP settings from Off / Off ( Customer Mode ) to On / Off ( Normal Mode ) but still nothing.

Can anyone help out ?


The device is supported in UI7 through the Add device-Sensors-Philio 3in1. There shouldn’t be any need to change the DIP switches. In other words it should just Include without any further “tweaking”. I can report that I have tested both the 3in1 & 4in1 and have no problems in UI7. Change the settings back to factory, exclude and then include, all should be well,

Thanks @zedrally

I feel like a right plonker now. I have been setting up so many ad hock Z Wave devices i didn’t even look to see if there was a proper device listed. Deleted all my generic Z Wave devices and added the proper one and its all working fine now.

Thanks fro the help.