Cannot enroll Trendnet TV-IP551W Camera

Does Veralite support the Trendnet TV-IP551W Camera? The gateway will not recognize it.



Add the camera as a generic IP Camera…

Enter the cameras IP address When for the image URL, specify one of these:


then complete the wizard…

Once the device is added, go to it’s setup page, click on the advanced tab and in the DirectStreamingURL variable (near the bottom of the page) add one of these URLs:


That should get you basic functionality.

yes its an old post but I’m a bit behind the times…I am just getting started with vera and z wave stuff so forgive me for needing things simple and basic. I have tried the suggestions from this and every other trendnet related post on here and google. tried to use the plugin with no luck either. I’m pretty sure I have the right ip. I know the cam works and have tried this with a TV110 with the same results. After several hours and tries I’m tired of trying to figure it out and ask for help. Anyone on here want to give me a hand?