Cannot disable DHCP on Vera Secure

I’m trying to disable DHCP on my Vera Secure. Selecting the “DHCP server off” option under “Net & WiFi” and clicking the “Save and apply” button does absolutely nothing. I’ve tried powercycling the unit afterwards as well. The “off” setting does not appear to stick, it always reverts back to “on”.

What am I doing wrong? How do I disable DHCP?

Changed my setup some this weekend and as part of that connected my Vera Secure to my router with a cable and turned off “wireless” on Vera Secure. This also (finally) disabled DHCP. It would appear that DHCP is always on when “Wireless” is on…

The reason for me to disable DHCP was to hopefully stabelize my wifi which used to crash 1-3 times per day and required a reboot of router and access point to come back up. I suspected the DHCP Server on my Vera Secure was the cause of those crashes (competing with my router’s DHCP). As far I can tell I was right. My wifi has been crash free the entire time now :smiley: