Cannot cancel alerts

Although I removed alerts from the door sensor, I still get notificaions and alerts.
How to cancel it ?


Check your settings in the House Modes configuration …

I’m having this issue with my 2 monoprice door/window sensors too. I have my House Mode set to ‘Home’. All of my sensors are set to ‘disarmed’ when in ‘Home’. they are armed in the other 3 modes.

The 2 doors with Monoprice sensors always give an alert when the door is opened. My other 2 doors have recessed Aeon Labs sensors and they do not behave the same way.

When I look at Notifications for the sensors I have no extra alerts set up.

I only want alerts for when they are armed and opened.

I also got the alerts from my Visonic pirs (tripped / untripped etc)
Settings under house modes did not solve the problem.
Im now back to the 619 firmware on my Vera lite and everything works ok.
It must be a bug of last 2 firmware updates because more users have this problem.