Cannot add Centralite 4200c, etc

Purchased an Ezlo Plus because it was on sale for just over half price. Had some trouble getting it updated to the latest firmware but with some help from support it seems OK now. Tried adding the first device - a Centralite 4200-C smart outlet. Adding fails to complete. The LED on the outlet flashes red-blue-green indicating that it has joined but the hub still indicates it is waiting.
I have a Vera Plus which works well - but appears will no longer be updated. My plan was to first move devices I don’t currently need to the Ezlo hub. This failure is pretty discouraging. I also attempted to install a plugin but that system also seems to have problems. Downloading a plugin yields empty tar.gz files. This problem has existed for quite a while. I would have expected it to be a higher priority.

Hello @tinman!

Please check the following recommendations and let us know after retrying:

  • Place the controller as close as possible to the outlet during the inclusion.

  • Reset the outlet by holding the on/off button while plugging it back into the wall. Hold the button until the status LED illuminates red, then release it, and try to pair it again.

  • Once you get the confirmation from the LED indicating the device was paired, give it about 3 - 5 minutes and check if it was successfully paired. These Centralite outlets often take some time to be completely configured and displayed on the app. Make sure no other actions are triggered during the process to avoid any interruption.

  • If you’re still having issues with it, you still can get in contact with your agents directly by submitting a ticket at or giving us a call at (866) 966-2272 for further troubleshooting. Since the device needs a physical action to enroll it, we’d need to sync with you via phone.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

I finally got it to pair. After the initial 60 seconds expired I clicked “Try Again” but did not reset the outlet. At that point the hub seemed to recognize that the outlet paired. The outlet was still flashing red-green-blue. I pressed the button on the outlet - it switched to blue - and pressing again turned it off. It seems to work as expected now.