Canceling a scene

I have a Home scene that calls triggers another a lighting scene that turns on the outside light at sunset and off at 11 pm.
I have an Away scene and I want this to cancel or sunset lighting scene.
Can’t figure out how to get this to cancel or stop when I select the away scene.

you can set up a virtual device to keep track of home or away. then you set up you lighting scene with lua code to fail if you are away and that way it wont run.

you also have to use lua code to change the virtual device to be home or away becuase you can’t currently do that on the ‘dashboard’ or in scenes directly without lua code.

here’s a thread to get you started.

I’m not a lua coder- so I pretty much cut an past out of threads like that- but there are plenty of kind folks who can answer specific questions in that thread.

Thanks for the help.