Cancel timed scene


I was creating a scene that should switch off an relay 3 hours after the door is locked. If the door is unlocked within the 3 hours the timer should be cancelled. It doesn’t seem to be like that as standard is there a way to do this?

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@DanskSommerhusTeknik I don’t believe it works that way. It will trigger the scene again to run at the 3 hour mark. If you are using PLEG and I think Reactor you can program it to cancel and run one either the original or the new trigger.

@sky320 is correct with respect to Reactor, you can cancel schedule activities.

You should use count down timer plugin.

It can easily been done using Reactor. Its worth to give that a try. Spend some time on that as it might be benificial in many scenario’s and this is a nice one to start with.

@markoe, you are right, it can indeed be done with count down timer which I also used before (great plugin). However at a cetain moment I ran into Reactor and just out of curiousity installed it. played for a half hour with it and decided this to be the perfect plugin for most of the more advanced scenes. I removed all my count down timers and the count down timer plugin and replaced it with Reactor. In my timer scenes I often still needed some lua code. Most of this was not needed using Reactor.

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