Can you send Text and email notifications to multiple users?

I am trying to find out if I can have my Vera 3 controller send out text and email Notifications to other users besides me (such as my wife…and possibly the baby sitter). I did see that you can do this with email notifications in My Users and in Guest Users…however I would prefer text instead.

Is this possible?

Most every cell carrier has an email to text conversion. I use Verizon so I can send a text through email by using “myphonenumber” Do a google search for your cell carrier.

Sent from my iPhone

however my wife uses hotmail as an email, I’m not sure what the babysitter has. are there any other options?

You need to create an account for each person and then add them to your vera. Once that is done you can add them to the notifications. Or look into other notification plugins available on vera.

  • Garrett