Can you control somft blinds (rfxcom) via Vera ?

Thanks to the very helpful notes in the forum setting up our somfy blinds with vera was very easy (i did it before quite a long time ago, however this time we’re on a different UI and things had moved on so thank you to everyone who’s posted useful notes about that process).

The blinds however do not show up in the list for Alexa (they don’t show with a red exclamation mark so I’m assuming its not an issue with them being “security” devices.

So I wanted to ask if having Alexa control of the Somfy blinds is something other people have or if this is just not a feature yet. What I thought odd was it does not show in the list on Alexa at all (even after doing the usual unlink, relink thing).

The only way you can achieve this is create a scene that controls the blind.
Then you can ask alexa to “turn on blind up”; rediculious really, but that is the limitation of voice control.

Another option is to add the scene created to an Alexa Routine. You can trigger that with whatever text you like, as long as it doesn’t conflict with any other device statements.

Not the perfect solution because scene workarounds are still required.

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