Can Vera3 Assign Static IP?

I am familiar with how to get several types of routers to assign a static IP to a device that connects to it. With Vera3, I understand that I could pick an IP outside of the DHCP range but how do I tell my vera3 to assign that to my desired device?
I was hoping that I could disable DHCP in Vera3 and have the E2000 router that vera3 sits behind perform DHCP. MCV support said that wasn’t possible.

On UI5 go to the dashboard → Setup → Net & Wifi
For ‘How does Vera connect to the internet’ select ‘Manually configure (advanced)’
Then one of the options is to switch the DHCP server on or off and to define the DHCP scope and lease time.

I have mine on as I wanted a separated and dedicated LAN/WLAN for my home automation but I’m thinking if you switch the DHCP server off and perhaps tinker with the LAN IP setting you could end up with Vera2 acting as an AP. Not 100% sure though so no warranties.

Both my G and N routers are setup this way as to have them on the same LAN as the wired devices. My Unix server/gateway takes care of DHCP et al.