Can Vera receive signals from other computers (e.g., X-10 to Mac to Vera)

I’m setting up a Z-wave network but I do have older X-10 controllers. I gave up on X-10 as this house and the last are fairly big and reliability was a big problem. My initial foray test installation of 3 switches has been great, and I should have my Vera soon.

I’m wondering if I could plug the hole in existing Z-wave hardware by using some limited X-10 hardware. The example I’d like to consider is an X-10 motion sensor. Since I have other X-10 controllers and a computer interface (specifically, Indigo for the Mac) I’m wondering if I could have X-10 signals received by my Mac and then have the Mac to send a signal (e.g., via e-mail or some network script) to the Vera (e.g., to trigger activation of a specific scene)?

For this to work, I envision it could be done via the web interface (through a micasav server) or directly over the network.

Do others see potential for these kinds of triggers delivered in this manner. Administrators…is this possible?

Somewhere on the Wiki it mentions how to call specific functions in Vera through the HTTP calls.

Look at this:

Thanks–this is still a bit over my head at this point (it’s been around 25 years since I wrote any code) but I imagine with some more thought I’ll figure out how to implement a solution.