Can Vera log temperatures and electricity usage?

One thing I like about SmartThings Hub is its ability to log temperature and electricity usage. I don’t see a similar function in the Vera app. Is there a way to do it?

No, not natively. There was the Ergy plugin but the entire world hated it, baked into the interface but even then logging this info I’m not sure was part of the usage of it.

Go here: PLUGIN: VeraFlux - Send Device Data to InfluxDB - #63 by anon37769099 - General Plugin Discussion - Ezlo Community

Using this setup, you typically use a Raspberry Pi or some other system to store the database. You could in theory store it on the vera or a USB but the learning curve goes up and things start getting difficult especially when a new firmware comes around if it overwrites things you were doing.

The concept is creating a device using Veraflux, installing collectd on your Vera, using your Pi to store the Influx DB, and then graphing (I chose Grafana).

Attached a screenshot of what I capture. Others in this thread and forum do similar/same type of setup. Depends on how far down the rabbit whole you want to go.