Can someone please help with zwave and actuator

Hi all,
Im new to all this so sorry if this sounds daft im trying to see if this is possible before I make the purchase I have been speaking to a few people about my project and some say its possible and some say not at all so just want to put it out there, here goes I want to know if I can control this actuator via zwave I need it to work on 0-100% and not just full out/in if so can you explain how its possible etc like I said im new so plz don’t speak like I know much lol I have attached an image of the said actuator and here is a bit of spec on it as well.

A 12v heavy-duty RGB actuator available in different stroke lengths
Choose your stoke length from 25mm - 600mm
(in 25mm increments)
Comes as standard with two meter lead from actuator.
IP54 rated.
CE approved.
Current at full load 8 amp.
Push/pull capacity 6000N (600kg)
Operating temp. -26c to 56c
Speed, no load approx 6mm/sec
Speed, with load approx 3mm/sec
Built in non adjustable limit switches.
Maximum static/holding compressive load 6000N (600kg)

if not can you recommend any actuator or similar that can do what I need only stipulation is needs to be able to stroke at around 500-600mm and push/pull around 400kg+. hope this makes sense and if anyone needs more info please ask I do hope someone can help. thank you in advance.
sorry if its not in the right topic as well
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It’s difficult to to be sure from the picture but it looks as though the actuator has only two wires, This would mean that it would need a reversing switch to change direction.

It also does not appear to have any positional feedback other than the non-adjustable limit switches. The only way you will be able to get proportional control (0-100%) is by timing. So you establish how long it takes to move full travel and then run it for a proportion of that time to get partial actuation. This may be OK if you do not need high positional accuracy.

Perhaps if you explain your application we could suggest alternative solutions.

thank you for your response,
its kind of hard to explain the application but I will try my best, basically its a wooden box with the lid in 2 halves and they both move on a slider similar to a draw slider outwards that’s where the actuators come into it there is 2 of them one sliding to left and other sliding it to right making the box lid open and close. but I need this to be able to open to like I said 0-100% from zwave if possible. really hope this makes sense I will try do send a drawing if you still don’t know what im talking about. thank again


I can’t think of any off-the-shelf way of doing this with Z-Wave. If it was my project, I would look at lead-screws driven by stepper-motors for good positional accuracy. You could probably create a stepper-motor driver using Arduino modules and you may be able to get some help on that here.

what you are showing looks like a basic DC swing gate opener but what you describe is more like a linear movement. To do that you probably need only one motor and if it slides like a drawer, even if the weight of the 2 panels is 400lbs, you dont push or pull anywhere near that, so you probably are overrating the motor
Send a more precise drawing with sizes, contact us at

thank you for your replies zwave I have emailed you an image of the thing im looking for as I do think I will need 2 motors please see the drawing and sorry if this is basic but im no cad expert lol thank you I will add the drawing here as well if there is anyone that can help me with this project. thank you.

I think that liner actuator should work with a DC Z-Wave Motor Controller (DC1-ZW or DBMZ). It says it is 12V and that it has non-adjustable internal limit switches, so that should be compatible with the motor controller. When you run the calibration set-up on the controller, it should travel from one limit to the other and then it can time position based on those limits for 0-100%. Reversing direction is handled in the controller by reversing polarity on the 2-wires of the motor.

Thank you shady would it be possible for you to go into a bit more detail how to make this possible and work plz or can i email u and then go from there. Thank u