Can PLTS do this?

I’ve been looking at PLTS today, for the first time ever, and curious if you can advise on how to do this…

I’d like to setup each button (Arm, Bypass, etc) as ‘variation’ on a Schedule.

I have the Schedule set to 7pm (19:00) every weekday. I’d like each button to have a different time it would add to the Schedule in order for that action to occur.

On = perform Action at the scheduled time
Off = perform Action 30 minutes after the scheduled time
Arm = perform Action 60 minutes after the scheduled time
Trigger = perform Action 90 minutes after the scheduled time
Bypass = Do not trigger the Action at the next schedule, Reset the device to On so the next cycle will occur normally

possible? How?

thx for the help!

This will NOT work.
The PLTS is a timer that happens to have PL conditions attached to the buttons.
You can’t change the behaviour of what the buttons do.

You might look at PLEG and @RexBecket Multi Switch:,14453.msg109210.html#msg109210