Can not detect device after factory reset


Came back from holidays and some timers were not working. With the app I could put them off and on. Did up a firmware update but controller went off line. Did a factory reset but controller did not come on any more. Happy I did a backup but controller is still offline what now.

Finally after multiple factory resets controller is on line did the backup with Zwave network update and app works again and all scenes are visible and you can see in the app all plugs. But now all plugs are saying cannot detect device error code 1? All lights are all green on controller. What now? :-[ :-[

Gr C

I had similar issues a week ago after the latest firmware update. After many reboots it started up. I contacted support and they logged in and fixed the all the ‘cant detect devices’ somehow. But i kept having major problems that were intermittent. I got that frustrated that i spent a whole day factory resetting and starting from scratch.

Hope it doesn’t come down to this for you as i dont wish that on my worst enemy.
Good luck


Thanks for your info. Asked Vera to take a look at it. Will let you know what happens. ;D

Yesterday evening everything started working again. A magic heal. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Good to hear. Hope it behaves itself.