Can I use one scene turn one switch on and off several times a day?

Before I get reprimanded for not searching the forums first, I did search and found some posts with close, but not the same question.

I want to configure my Vera2 with a scene that will turn a single switch on and off at a regular interval. The switch controls an exhaust fan that obviously I can leave it on 24 hours a day, but that would waste electricity. I would like the fan to run for two or three hours, then turn off for the same amout of time. This would repeat forever. Can a single scene accomplish this? If so, how? If not, how can I do it with multiple scenes?



You should be able to achieve this with only 2 scenes. In the ON Scene, add the command for that device to go On and leave it like this and then add multiple timers for different intervals. Create a second scene for the OFF with the command to turn off the device, then add different timers.

That should do it and be very reliable also.

Couldn’t you do an interval based scene that turns the switch on, leave for x hours, then switch off?

Yes, you can do this. Create the scene using the scene wizard (I am using UI4 and 1047 Frimware at present). Select the device on the command tab. Set it to On and then after 3 hours off. Next go to the timers tab and create a new timer set to run this Interval based every 6 hours. This will give you the result of (on3/off3) then repeats continually. You can then adjust to suit.

If you want to run the fan for 3 hours then off for two, set the timer to 5 and so on.


All of these are good options, but most of you probably don’t know that due to a lack of internal battery, Vera won’t be able to store timers which needs to happen in x hours in case of a reboot. My suggested scenes won’t be affected in case of a power loss, unexpected reboot or just simply someone stumbling into the power cord of Vera.


I have my Vera on a UPS and have never (knock on wood) had the reboot issue. I usually use multiple scenes, but the origional question posed was ‘Can this be done with one scene?’

And then the OP went on to ask:

[quote=“pasqualz, post:1, topic:167872”]how can I do it with multiple scenes?
@mcvovidiu’s suggestion avoids breaking the cyclical timer, which will happen even after a UI change and hitting the “Save” button.


Ah, that’s a much bigger restriction than a power-cycle. No interval timers for me.

Seems like something that can be improved in SW. Are there any plans for that?

(And perhaps an option to ‘restart on reboot’ with interval-based timers, so I get to tell Vera I don’t care about breaking the timing.)

It never ceases to amaze me how quick and informative the replies are in this forum! You all are the best! I will try the two scene method and see how that works.

I am happy to report that after setting up my switch with the two scene method, this has been working perfectly for the last two weeks! Thanks All!