Can I use a switch to start and stop a scene?

My wife hates automation and TV remotes. The only way to turn the table lamps on for her is to unplug the modules. I want to use a existing zwave wall switch to activate a “table lamp” scene. The switch load is not connected to anything. Thanks!

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Yes, that’s absolutely fine. Just create the scene you want: turning on (or perhaps toggling) the table lamps and set the wall switch as the scene trigger.

or get a new wife!

Get a switch with instant status … Otherwise you will not have a happy wife/life.

You’ve just cost me a small fortune buddy…

You’ve given me the idea to fit all my lights with double modules and switches so I can use the second set for lamps etc

This is gonna get expensive lol

I have a scene that I can turn on in the UI7 software but I am having trouble figuring out how to make the wall switch press trigger the scene. Do I need to write a code or is there an easy point and click method?

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Under triggers in the scene’s configuration. Select a trigger. When the switch is turned On.

Note that if your switch does not support the Instant Status feature, the scene may not trigger until the switch gets polled by Vera. Thais delay could be from a few seconds up to a minute.

Not sure what I am doing wrong. I have set two scenes one for “turn lamp modules on” and one for " turn lamp modules off". If I click the light switch on dashboard the scene runs fine. I just can’t get the scenes to run with the press of the light switch. The green pilot light on the switch does light when I run it from dash board.

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Well, I did an update to the firmware and the scene is working but I am getting a very long delay. Its between one and three minutes so I am guessing the evolve dimming light switch does not support instant status. I thought I set Vera to poll the switch every five seconds but maybe that is for something else. I think I may opt for a scene controller or a switch with four buttons so I can do several things with instant status.

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You are seeing the delay between when the switch changes and when Vera polls the switch to become aware of the change. The polling setting you changed cannot speed up the polling interval. It can only limit how often a device MIGHT be polled in a period of time.

Vera generally takes about one minute to poll and depending on the size of the network, it could take longer.

The behavior that you are now seeing is normal and expected. The only way you can get it to work the way you want is to replace the switch with one that supports Instant Status(Leviton or Cooper).

OP appears to have a dimmer, so from Leviton something that would work is VRI06-1LZ (incadescent dimmer). For me these work fine and look good on the wall. :slight_smile: Do note, that you need about 40Wt of load for them to work correctly (average “60 watt equivalent” dimmable LED bulb consumes around 10-11Wt, so you would need 3 or 4 of those in a circuit for the dimmer to turn the circuit off completely). Note, that Leviton has newer zwave dimmers DZMX1, which support LED/lower wattages, but do NOT have instant status.

More generally, Leviton devices that support instant all belong to “Vizia RF+” family.

I really can’t recommend the VRI06-1LZ anymore. The move to LED bulbs make their use too problematic.

I think a better choice is the Leviton VRMX1-1LZ 1000W Vizia RF ZWave Universal Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer which utilizes a Neutral wire and has no problem dimming LEDs without concern for minimum wattag.

Wow. $42 on amazon. Didn’t these use to be, like, hundred bucks a pop?

I ordered it but the funny thing is that I don’t even need dimming because nothing is connected to the load side of the switch. I just want it to trigger a scene. It was going to a ceiling fan but we rarely use the light (women hate all overhead lights)

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Why are you using a dimmer if all you need is to trigger a scene?

If you’re not switching a load and only want to activate a scene, then you should use a scene controller instead. The Linear WT00Z-1 Accessory Switch is a one button scene controller that is less expensive, doesn’t switch a load and should eliminate the delay you are presently experiencing.

Very true, so now I bought both. Thank for the link, I like the look of the scene controller better. And I want the wife off my back.

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