Can I use a device's LoadLevelStatus

Can I use a device’s LoadLevelStatus = 1 as the only Condition to fire a scene? I am looking to shut a light off but only if it has been left on for a defined period of time.

Absolutely. Select the service/variable condition type, then device, then LoadLevelStatus from its variable list. Enter the operator and value you want to use for the comparison (e.g. greater than 0). Then click the downward-pointing arrow to the right of the value field, to expose the options so you can set your “sustained for” time period. Set your “off” scene as the “tripped” scene (Activities tab).

I used > 0 in my example above because LoadLevelStatus=1 means “the light is on at 1% brightness”, which I’m guessing is more specific than you actually want. You can either test Status=1 or LoadLevelStatus>0 to see if a dimming-capable device is on at any dimming level.

In operation, the ReactorSensor will trip and run the “off” scene, which causes its condition to become false and the ReactorSensor to immediately untrip, so you may never see the transition in the UI, but you will see the behavior in the light itself.

:-[ Thank you sir! I was looking way too hard. And thank you for the time, energy and effort put into this. In my humble opinion Vera is half baked without the functionality you’ve brought to the table here. Thanks so much.