can I trigger zwave "rediscovery" after MOVING a device's location???


  • I’ve just paired a couple of Z-wave devices at home VERA-LITE and they worked fine.
  • I have then placed them at their intended location, one repeater downstairs, and two switches outside downstairs.
  • They current do NOT switch on/off, no doubt because the zwave network has changed?
  • Previously I would try a “heal” I think it was in the old firmware, however this isn’t available

QUESTION: What should I now do to get my relocated (already paired) ZWave devices working again in my network?


A heal will run automatically overnight.

By now, your devices should be working.

Which Heal useful result data may we expect to find in the Vera Log ?

Useful to whom and in what way? Z-Wave heal operations are logged in the Vera log file /tmp/logs/cmh/LuaUPnP.log*

You can quickly find where/when it starts with the following command:

grep -i healnetwork  /tmp/log/cmh/LuaUPnP.log | more

[quote=“Z-Waver, post:2, topic:191028”]A heal will run automatically overnight.
By now, your devices should be working.[/quote]
Yes they seem to work now. For the future is there any way to trigger this so you don’t have to wait overnight?

There is not an official way to do it, anymore. However, this seems to work. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.


This Lua code accomplishes the same task.

-- Initiate Z-Wave network heal.
-- Intended for starting heal after adding new devices.

-- Depending on the size of your network, a heal can take a very long time.

local URN  = "urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:ZWaveNetwork1"
local ACT  = "HealNetwork" 
local BATT = {BatteryMinutes=30}  -- Default 30. Nightly 60.
local ITR  = {StressCycles=2}     -- Default probably ample.
local START= {StartStage=1}       
local STOP = {StopStage=3}        -- Default 7. UI7.10 or greater probably needs to go no further than 3.

luup.call_action(URN, ACT, BATT, ITR, START, STOP)

Using the above request or luup code will mess up the mesh network and nodes will stop working correctly. This method is in contradiction to our currently implemented Z-Wave healing process that updates the route and lets the chip itself manage the routing table as opposed to the previous method where the gateway kept the routing table.

  • Vera official

ok - thanks