Can I Include a Fibaro Dimmer FGD-212 EU Ver3.3 in Non-secure Mode?

I have had my home automated for many years now, controlled by a succession of VERAs (from VERA Lite through to VERA Edge) and been very happy. Unfortunately, I am moving home and my buyer does not want any home automation and asked me to remove it.
When I installed Perimeter lighting, I did not put manual light switches in accessible places and now they would be difficult to turn on/off without VERA.
Therefore, I’d like to directly associate these lights with a spare switch that I have wired to the i3 input of a Qubino Flush On-Off Thermostat (ZMNHIA2-H1S3P1) in my kitchen
I added Group 3 to the Thermostat which sends a basic On-command when i3 is on - as per these instructions

I then ticked the lights I want to turn on & off
All my Perim lights turn on except for two lights which are controlled by Fibaro Dimmer FGD-212
The Qubino Thermostat is included non-secure and the lights that work are included non-secure, whereas the Fibaro Dimmer (I assume) is included securely and that is the problem.
Does anyone know how to force the Fibaro Dimmer 2 to be non-secure using VERA?