Can I get into settings without being able to connect to controller on Vera3?

I kinda messed up …under settings on my dashboard ( vera3 ) i was under back up or fail safe options. I clicked back up wi fi ( which was from an open wifi from the Lowes behind me) but now I cannot log into my vera3 at all I get is that no relay error
I cannot get back into settings to change it. I am guessing this is it since this was the last thing I did before It worked.
I thought it was only going to try and use another wifi if that was down … so now Im stuck
How can I get back into settings without being able to get into controller or dashboard

Using an ethernet cable, plug your Vera directly into your computer.

Configure your computer’s ethernet interface to use the IP address

Then reach your Vera at

Change the settings to correct settings.

Sorry guys but I need help … I tried using the Ethernet hook up but I can’t figure it out
I hooked it up and did the command prompt & typed ipconfig n got a few numbers. Typed the into the web browser but nothing happens…no internet.
I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to get or what I’m looking for. What is supposed to happen? I’m just ok with computers …not great
Can you give a little more of an explanation of what to do and what I’m supposed to see or look for… Maybe I’m not doing it correctly.
Thanks again
John Thornton

You used ipconfig and got a few numbers for what? No matter.

As previously stated, you must set the IP address on the computer to

Here’s a link on how to do it with Windows 7. If that’s not your version, there are lots of Google results on how to do it with the various versions of Windows, Mac, Linux…