Cameras partial work in 7.31 on V+

The upgrade to 7.31 on my test V+ has broken the camera live view in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox (latest versions, Win 10 Pro 64-bit). The static “Small” and “Large” images work, and the snapshot is current with opening the “Cameras” tab. Pressing the live view icon results in a gray screen instead of the expected video. This is true for a Foscam R1 and Sharx SCN3924, both of which worked correctly under 7.29 production and 7.30. Both cameras are running in emulation mode. Interestingly, live camera view works in the Vera mobile app, 3.32 (9) on IOS 13.3. Live camera view does not work in Safari on iPad OS 13.3.

Hi there, our QA team is on this and it should be fixed in the final version.

Thanks very much!