Camera upright picture horizontally stretched

I have connected two vivotek cameras to veraEdge / UI7 (IB8382F3, FD8382-ETV). There is no problem to connect the cams to vera with URL’s like cgi-bin/viewer/video.jpg?resolution=640x480 or cgi-bin/viewer/video.jpg?streamid=2. One of the cams worked fine for over a year.

But I want to use the new cam in upright mode. This large video live-picture is displayed in UI7 horizontally stretched. If I save the picture from the vera screen and open it in the browser, the picture proportions are ok. The small picture is ok.

I tried …?resolution=480x320, which directly in the browser compresses the picture horizontally. But no change in UI7.

Is this an inevitable bug of vera UI7 or is there a way to display upright mode pictures in correct way?


I opened a case for you on our desk, could you provide the details asked it there?

Thank you!

The Helpdek looked at the cam. There seems to be no quick solution for the problem:

“I had a look at the configuration of the camera and it was properly set up, I re-added it but the image remained the same. I added a request for this model to be implemented with Vera, but know that it will need to go through an analysis, and then maybe it will be added in the development queue.”

Can i access PTZ camera from local browser. The PTZ Camera i have got is Dahua - A22 Wifi Camera Model No: DH-IPC-A22P. The PTZ camera is only Wi-Fi based it had got no ethernet.

Please help me with this

Is there any way to access in local browser or any port that can help me to login