Camera Limits


I tried to search for some info on this and i can only see a one liner in the Mios FAQ

Is there are realistic limit to the amount of IP cameras that can be controlled by Vera?

Basically the reason i am asking is because on some home automation systems they say that cameras are very CPU hungry and recommend sometimes as little as 2-3 cameras on the Home automation PC.

There are however home automation systems that can be used as secondary Zwave controllers. Vera would be the primary controller and would therefore be doing the actual processing work with regards to the IP camera and simply passing the image to the home automation system? Is this how it works or do the IP cameras need to be set up and used through a PC with vera simply used as a way to access the images?

Also can the IP cameras be used for motion detection with Vera?


I do not know about the limit, but Foscams can be used as a motion sensor. Setup is not straight forward, but on the forum there are some good descriptions

Foscams have an integrated motion sensor which shows up as a seperate usable device (not the HD cams yet), but in my experience they are useless as a stand alone motion sensor, as they trigger far too often without actual motion, even with sensitivity turned down. And then i found when i am actually walking in front of the camera it doesnt trigger…
Only my experience, others might have had more luck

I only use Vera as a viewer (sometimes), not any recording (to MCV servers) or notifications. Not sure that uses much resources.

I know of one user who had about 16 cameras on Vera 2.

Motion sensing is a function of the camera. As was said, the popular Foscam models have it, and Vera supports receiving the trigger.

Here’s a recent topic on the Foscam motion sensor / sensitivity, for instance.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

I don’t think that motion detection with the IP cameras will be a goer. I would prefer not to have false alarms going off day and night.

i suppose if you are looking to record you camera feeds it would be best to record to your own hard drive. I take it most people only use vera to access a still from the camera or can you get a live feed?