Camera D-link 932 and 930, not record the images for 15 seconds, just snapshots?

I have 3 D-link 930L and 1 932L cameras, both were shown the image on the Vera edge, but they only take pictures, they do not record the images for 15 seconds, just snapshots? Can someone help me? :-\ :o :frowning:

Hi there,

The main reason video recording is not working for third party cameras is because they don’t have an internal buffer memory which can be used to temporary store the image until transferred to storage server. Or, if they do have an internal memory to be used as buffer, it needs to be officially supported and integrated by a plugin than knows how to handle this feature.

So, what you are saying is that Vera does not, at this time, support cameras?

yes, Vera is a home automation controller not a DVR. Vera has no space to store images. So a limited amount of cloud space is available to try and make it work. But cloud storage has alot of limitations as HD cameras use alot of bandwidth which on a local network is not bad but many people upload internet speeds cant support it.

You’ll find on the forum many poeple use other DVR’s or Blueiris connected to vera to get a complete system that can handle everything.