Camera compatibility with Vera

I changed from the ADT PULSE system to DSC and Vera. I purchased two VistaCams and they work perfectly. However I have two wireless cams left over from the old PULSE system that seem to be identical ye will not register with Vera. This must be a software thing. Anyone have suggestions how to get these cameras working with my Vera?

I have flashed an ADT 8021 with Northq firmware and went on from there. Search Schlage cameras to find the posts explaining that. Also On ebay you can still buy the WCE100 wired for less than $40 and flash to work with vera.

I have a ADT RC8021 that I cant get working. Can you tell me how to flash the camera and where to obtain the software. You can email me direct if you want at


I have 2 Trendnet cameras (IP-TV422W and IP-TV410W) and though recognized on Vera Lite as cameras, do not work on the system, only through direct access to the static IP for each (or logmein, but quite delayed}. Both are hard wired via ethernet to a 24 port 1G router and I am on Verizon FIOS at 35MB. Any ideas on how to get them to work within VeraLite?




What type of Icon appears in the “device”?

I wanted to switch my “WORKING” Vistacam settings to turn “ON” a light (from web or phone) when I accessed the camera, After I made the change on my Vistacam and “Saved”, under the “device” > “advanced” Tab, the “device_file” field was changed to something not recognizable. It also changed the Device Icon to a Blue Dial (?) with no controls. I figured worst case I could reinstall the Vistacam, but instead, under the VistaCam Device “advanced” Tab, I changed the unrecognizable setting to …device_file <D_DigitalSecurityCamera1.xml> and now it works perfectly with the light control association I gave it. I tested and It works under my UI5, AutHomation HD, SQ Remote HD, Home Buddy and Windows 8 Home Controller.

Hope this may shed some light on your situation.


Anyone happen to have the NorthQ firmware file discussed in this thread?
This is the compatible firmware to flash onto the unit:

Link to the Firmware: has been down for like a week, and I have a couple Schlage cameras I need to flash to get working with my new Vera.

I can provide a place for you to upload it, and I’ll seed it for others as a torrent.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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