Call out to Ezlo support "Manage Google Home" web portal setup page no longer loads

If you go to and login and then from the drop down menu in the top right if you select the “Manage Google Home” option from the menu, that page does not load you are just kicked back to the Controllers list again.

This means I can no longer manage my Google Home setup with my production Vera Plus (Vera firmware hub).

I tried three different web browsers.

Thank you.

Hi @cw-kid,
Thanks for the heads up. We found it is not happening on every account. We are still investigating the cause. The issue is already escalated.
Kind regards!

Any news on this Oscar?

I am still unable to open the “Manage Google Home” web page.


Hi @cw-kid. No much progress so far, unfortunately. The case was escalated but it remains unresolved and open. for now.

Google Home has been broken several months, I find it hard to believe that anyone is working on this without reporting some kind of progress.
Google Home was my only solution to give access to CERTAIN devices to my clients that rent my cottage.
Since Ezlo bought Vera, the support had been degrading and disappointing.
If you cannot fix it, tell us instead of letting us wait and hope for months.
If there is really people working on this issue, let’s here it. Progress, Milestones, Timetable, etc…
Thank you

Hello Claude

Sorry for you having this experience with the web portal. We applied fixes several times for this issue. Now, we are trying to find a solution that should finally resolve this issue. I’ll come back with more detail on our plan shortly.