calibrate pan08 window shutter remotely

hi there,

is there a command which can be sent from the vera (3/ UI5) to a philio-tech pan08 blind controller?
The limits of the “dumb” motors are setup correctly on the motor itself, but the pan08 still needs to be calibrated.
Since I’m lazy I prefer not to open the false wall where I installed the controllers. They are accessible, it’s just a bit of work.

normal calibration process

It is important to carry out a shutter calibration process before you control the shutter to move. Press ZWave button over 3 seconds and release before the 6th second, the roller shutter controller will start the shutter calibration process. The process is composed of three continue stages. The shutter move to the TOP in first stage, and move to the BOTTOM in second stage, and move to the TOP again in third stage. Then PAN08 will know the total range of UP and DOWN. During the shutter calibration process, any emergencies happen you can press and release the button to stop the process.

thanks for the help.