Ca9000 is this normal?

I added a ca9000 motion sensor to my network today, and the little status area of Vera is cycling between “Purging associations, Setting special associations”

Is that normal? Or does it stop doing that after a period of time?

Vera is working to configure the device and those are expected messages to see, when it is configured you should not see those messages again.
If this is a battery operated device and in sleep mode, Vera cannot configure it, but she will continue trying and it may take a day or so to configure if not manually woken up.

*Edit. As @Strangely states below, the above info is provided with the assumption the device is configurable.


I don’t believe they ever got thing working correctly.

Just a bump to see if anyone has tried or was successful with the CA9000. I would hate to have to ask the place I bought it from to take it back.