CA3750 Wiring - Single 240V Input 2 Load Output

I have a CA3750 currently configured for 240V, DPST and runs a 240V pool pump successfully based on the wiring example provided by FireBird in an older forum post [url=,348.15.html],348.15.html[/url].

I now need to modify my setup as I want to control a 240v pool pump and a 240v salt chlorinator from the CA3750. For now I would like to keep the unit setup as DPST as I want the salt chlorinator to run only when the pump is running.

I am not an electrician but have a decent amount of experience with wiring, etc… Searching through this forum and others, I have found some scenarios that are kind of similar but nothing concrete on “this is what will work for this setup”. Looking at the CA3750 manual diagrams attached (CA3750 Manual Diagrams), it appears the top right diagram example is what I am looking for but as others have mentioned, those diagrams are hard to follow.

Searching has also led me to these diagrams [url=][/url] which are helpful as they are color coded and are easier to follow. In particular, I believe the attached picture is the setup I would need to follow for my configuration. However, from what I can tell, the picture sample attached (Two loads, each same voltage.png) doesn’t follow any of the diagrams from the CA3750 manual.

So my questions are along the correct way to wire the CA3750 for this type of setup.

  • Will the attached Two loads, each same voltage.png work and if so why isn’t that wiring configuration in the manual?
  • If the configuration I need to use in the manual is the top right diagram - could someone explain to me what wires are the jumpers and feeds to each load.


Just to follow up/close the loop on this post. I ended up using the wiring diagram from [url=][/url] and was able to successfully run and control both devices.